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Kana Complete

A complete kana learning tool for the iPhone. Now available on the iTunes store.

Provides you a feature-rich learning experience, including:

  • A fun, dynamic drill which will help you recognize kana, learn their sounds with a native speaker, and track your progress in recognizing them. Choose one of several beautiful Japanese scenic backgrounds to keep you calm and focused.
  • Flashcards for when you want to slow down and take time to study kana one by one.
  • Learning to write kana using the proper stroke order and the shape of natural written forms. Kana Complete's writing models are based on the way Japanese actually write kana, not on kana fonts which are quite different. Learning to write kana is one of the best ways to remember how to read them.
  • Lots of detailed information about Japanese writing, and how kana is actually used as part of writing Japanese. No other kana app in the store has this kind of guide.
  • Hiragana and Katakana tables complete with native speaker pronunciation: tap the kana, hear the sound.
  • A comprehensive Japanese pronunciation guide with many speech samples to highlight important pronunciation concepts. Learn what you need to know to sound good in Japanese.

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KanjiLab 0.5.2B

A free kanji flash card program for Windows where the student types in the readings. Features mastery score tracking, example compounds tied to readings, and example sentences for many compounds.

KanjiLab Screenshot

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