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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, finally, finally I'm making some progress on reworking this site.

My Japanese pages have been up for a long time now — a project which I started in order to collect and share the information I had gathered as I struggled to learn Japanese on my own. By far the most popular thing has been the verb pages. They still hold, as of now, the top spot for a Google search on "Japanese Verbs," despite being woefully incomplete. I hope they won't get knocked off because I changed their URL, but it had to be done. (Please link to the new one!)

For many years, whenever I would get a note of gratitude from some student who had found my pages useful, I would inevitably explain that I really needed to update my pages, and I would be doing that soon, maybe even in the next week or so. Only it never came. Life is busy, and these "nice to have" things just never seem to get done. In 2006, I even started a redesign with CSS, but just never made enough progress on it to make it live (although it has actually been accessible here for all that time if you knew where to look). This time, I am taking the approach of making it immediately live, and just letting you all watch as it comes together, warts and all.

So what shook things loose? The closest true answer is "I don't know — I'm just finally sick enough of not having done it." Another true answer is that now I am selling an actual iPhone app, and I'd like a little more professionalism and a modern design for the site. Finally, I am actively studying again, which I have not been for much of the last four years, and I need something to help keep me engaged. That more than anything is why I have added a blog here. It will allow me to quickly put thoughts and new information on the site without feeling like I have to work it into a finished product first.

So, at long last, here it is. Still in need of much work, but getting better. I hope you find it useful.

I don't get to see how this site looks on many different systems, just my own PC and Mac. I do know it seems to have a layout problem on Safari which I have no clue as to how to correct yet (and which I greatly suspect is Safari's bug, not mine). I'm a relative noob with the CSS, so if you encounter problems with the design (or have any comments at all) please write to me at the address on the Contact page.

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